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Official: Pertuz Returning to Colombia

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Colombian defender re-joining Independiente Medellin

Victor Decolongon

A few days ago, news came out of Colombia that Hernan Pertuz's old club, Deportivo Independiente Medellin, would be looking to bring him back for the 2013 season and today it was announced by their official Twitter feed that Pertuz is returning to Colombia.

While the news is hardly reason to panic, it does leave Dallas with a need for another backup central defender as currently they have George John, Matt Hedges, Ugo Ihemelu (who will likely be moved to right back if healthy) and Stephen Keel. There is also London Woodberry, but he is really more of an outside back at the professional level.

The central defender class of the 2013 draft is not thought to be terribly strong, but you never really know with those guys until they get here. It's likely that Dallas will target a central defender with either the #7 or #20 overall pick in next month's draft.