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Filed under: | Hernan Pertuz out, Bradlee Baladez in?

Colombian defender on his way out and another homegrown signing coming in?


There was another informative conference call today between Hyndman/Clavijo and reporters with two major bits of news coming out of it. I wrote about them for so give it a read.

The first has been rumored in Colombian press for the past couple days and now FC Dallas has commented on it. That situation is the fact that Hernan Pertuz is being rumored to almost certainly returning to Colombia with Independiente Medellin. I asked Clavijo about it and he revealed that Pertuz was on loan to FCD from DIM last year and they are basically making it too expensive to bring him back.

Clavijo had this to say:

Hernan Pertuz was loaned to FC Dallas and MLS for the 2012 season. We were not able at this point, we’re still working on it, but we’re not able to come to terms with the team that owns his rights. Right now I can only tell you that we’re working and we don’t know what the outcome will be.

The second bit of news is that FCD is trying to sign South Carolina forward Bradlee Baladez to a homegrown deal in addition to London Woodberry. Baladez trained most of the summer with FCD and had a tough season at South Carolina surrounded by a team that - when I saw them - simply wasn't very good. Baladez has a strong scoring record of the last three seasons and could make an impact on FCD this year, though may be one that needs a year at reserve level to prove himself.

"We have instructed the league to make a commitment to two players, Bradlee Baladez and London Woodberry," said Clavijo. "They are players we would like to see the league sign and hopefully we will have an answer soon. We have definitely informed the league that we would like to pursue those two."