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Door Still Open for De Guzman

Could the Canadian midfielder return to FC Dallas next year for a cut rate price?

Cooper Neill

I think everyone pretty much assumed that Julian de Guzman was a goner after this season, not necessarily because he wanted to go or FCD didn't want to keep him, but that the team simply couldn't offer him as much money as he deserved.

That line of thinking seems to have changed a little bit as a couple sources I've talked to indicate that there is still certainly a chance that he comes back. I wrote about it today for

"Our last conversation with Julian was that we wanted him back," Hyndman told reporters in a Tuesday conference call. "What he wanted was to look at options, but the thing that I’ve learned in this job is that you never say never."

At this point, I still think it's unlikely, but what would probably need to happen is FCD finds a way to either bring his family over here or Julian simply accepts a lot less money to play here. He did make roughly $8m over the lifetime of his contract with TFC and doesn't really seem like the type to go spend his money. Perhaps bringing his family to Frisco is more important at this point. It's all speculation, though.

Would Dallas bring him back at $200K? Could they? A lot depends on whoever the forward(s) that the team is targeting are.

Could FCD perhaps trade one of their high draft picks for some allocation money to pay his salary down?

All questions that will be answered over the next few weeks, stay tuned.