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Scattershooting with Fernando & Schellas


So most of the topics in the media conference call on Tuesday have been put out there already, but I had a little bit of time to sit down and transcribe the rest of the call so I thought I'd put out there the rest of the interesting stuff from the call. It's going to kind of be jumping around topics, hence the scattershooting.

How is Luccin's health are his knee problems all fixed?

Clavijo: This is something we looked at when you look at how many games he’s played. We did some checking on him and he’s 100% health-wise. At the end of the day it may be a little bit better because probably because of the injury he hasn’t put as many miles on the legs.

Now that you have Luccin signed and George John locked up, were those your two biggest priorities done or with the forward you want to bring in is that kind of a bigger fish to fry that remains

Clavijo: I wish my job was done but it’s really just beginning. I think we have identified with the coach throughout the year that our need for 2013. You know it’s not an easy process to do that but you know were working extremely hard to make sure we’re covered in positions that the coach feels we need and I’m really comfortable to say that hopefully in the next week or so we can announce [something].

Since it seems you've decided not to bring Hartman back, what are the plans for a third keeper and overall keeper situation?

Clavijo: One of the things that’s I mentioned at the time when we did not offer Kevin Hartman a new agreement, it was very simple. We have a goalkeeper in Chris Seitz that we feel very comfortable will be able to make it to the next level and to be the #1 goalkeeper. We have another goalkeeper in Richard Sanchez that we need to give exposure and games. But at the same time we also recognize that we have a hole in that position that we need to address and we are addressing it extremely hard and it’s extremely important for us that we identify and sign another goalkeeper too.

I know you were out at the College Cup, what were your thoughts from that event and on how the FCD players did?

Hyndman: I think what is happening is probably the academy now is really starting to blossom into really starting to producing players in the level we’d hoped it would.

The players who are going on to college seem to be very productive very early. Let’s talk about Mikey Ambrose, he goes to Maryland and as a freshman basically plays a full year as a left back. You look at OC who came into Chapel Hill last year started as a freshman next to Matt Hedges and he’s first-team all-acc. Look at Danny Garcia who also went to Chapel Hill and did extremely well, all-freshman ACC.

What you’re finding is the college teams you see have more and more freshman and sophomore starters and not only are they starters but they’re getting a lot of recognition for their performances in all-conference teams. So it is affecting the college game and I think it’s affecting the college game in a very positive way because the academies are training players to be players not just to be physical players but to be soccer players and I think you’re starting to see that more and more in the better college teams.

Updates on Brek Shea injury rehab

Hyndman: Everything I’m getting from Skyler[the trainer] in talking to Brek, it’s great improvement already. Surgery went very well and they were able to remove the area of irritation for him and it’s nice to see a player getting treatment with a smile on his face.