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Clavijo: FCD Has Offered Woodberry

FC Dallas closing in on senior Maryland center back London Woodberry

Maryland Athletic Media Relations

Today in a conference call with reporters, Fernando Clavijo indicated that FC Dallas has offered senior Maryland center back London Woodberry a Homegrown contract. Given that Woodberry is one of the top defensive prospects among NCAA seniors, likely a first-round pick if eligible, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone, but this was the first time he's gone on record as saying it's happened.

"We have made a solid offer to the league in regards to London Woodberry," Clavijo told reporters. "He’s somebody that coach feels can definitely be of help. We have not had any information that he has agreed to sign yet, but if he does we are more than happy to make him one of our players. We’re waiting for information from the league."

Obviously Woodberry has not agreed to the contract yet, but it seems very, very likely that an announcement of his signing could come in the next week or so. Once we know whether Woodberry has accepted the deal, we will take a closer look at where he fits into the back four, though there is some info in the story I've linked to at the top.