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2013 SuperDraft Targets: Midfielders

The college season is over, so who will FC Dallas be able to target with their two picks?

Dillion Powers could be a solid pick-up at number 7. (Photo via Notre Dame/Matt Cashore)
Dillion Powers could be a solid pick-up at number 7. (Photo via Notre Dame/Matt Cashore)

It may seem hard to believe but the 2013 MLS SuperDraft is almost a month away. The College Cup wrapped up this weekend so many teams will go into full gear for the SuperDraft as they all submit lists of players that they recommend for the 2013 Combine and the 2013 Generation adidas class.

Last week we gave you a short list of goalkeepers and defenders that could be on FC Dallas' radar for next months draft, and today we move up the pitch a bit to look at the midfield crop that could be available for selection.

These are players below that could fall to Dallas at number 7 in the first round and a couple that could be worth a look at number 20 in the second round and even further down in the Supplemental Draft.


Dillon Powers (Notre Dame) - Powers has been one of the heavily tracked players over the last three seasons in the college game. Many thought he would be a Generation adidas signing last season and some even figured he would be one the year before that. The senior is a solid box-to-box midfielder that has good speed and passing ability. He proved this season how he is healthy again to take on the riggers of a big-time game and helped lead the Irish to the top seed in this year's College Cup.

Carlos Alvarez (UConn) - This is a guy that reads the game very well. He's got the soccer IQ that coaches will rave about and the leadership qualities that you would want in a young player. He is an attacking midfielder that does well on the ball. I do wonder if he'll be an attacking midfielder in MLS as he doesn't have the pace to really keep up just yet. A lot will depend on his Combine and how coaches rate his ability on the ball - which is very good. I could see him flourish under David Ferreira and Ricardo Villar.

John Stertzer (Maryland) - If you watched any of the College Cup final four last weekend, you likely saw some of the quality out of Stertzer that lead Maryland all season long in the midfield. He is another attacking midfielder on this list but I do see him as a guy that could provide some depth on the wings as well. His defending needs to improve for that to happen but he is a hard working kind of player that will make the effort.

Ryan Hollingshead (UCLA) - Both Daniel and I really like this kid. He was the Pac-12 Player of the Year and he definitely has the ability to cut it in MLS. He plays on the wings and could even be a guy that could slide into the middle and play a more defensive role in MLS. To me this is the kind of guy that Schellas Hyndman will be looking at come January.

Jose Gomez (Creighton) - Another player that was on display this past weekend. He is a classy midfielder that is in the same boat as Alvarez. He needs someone above him with experience to push him but the tools and technical ability is all there.

Jack Bennett (St. John's) - Bennett is a versatile player that will add some toughness and grit to the midfield. He has good ball skills and does well with the ball at his feet. He'll need to find the ability like most young players to adapt quality to the MLS speed though. One thing going against him however is his international status.

Blake Smith (New Mexico) - He was a big reason why the Lobos did as well as they have been for the last two years. In 2012 he had three goals and 13 assists. He is an attacking midfielder but should be one that gets moved over to the wings in the professional game. He is excellent at reading a defensive and finding a striker in space.

Andrew Ribeiro (Creighton) - Another Blue Jay on the list. Riberio has been the biggest reason why Gomez is so highly regarded in the game. He supports Gomez like no one else does in the midfield. He allows Gomez to work his magic in the midfield and does well at gobbling up balls in the midfield. I'd expect after the Combine that more folks will be paying attention to this guy for depth reasons.