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Schellas Hyndman Discusses Roster Moves

FCD Head Coach Discusses Today's Roster Cuts


Today after practice, I was able to discuss the roster moves with Schellas Hyndman and I think the words are pretty revealing about why some of the players were cut. Very very interesting stuff from the gaffer that is applicable both now and in the future.

Can you talk about the roster moves and the thinking behind them?

Sure, this was really a strange season this past year. For me it was so many injuries, historic number of injuries, and that’s good and bad, the good part is you really have a lot of other players who get a chance.The bad part is you don’t have your first team out there.I think if somebody would take the time and look, we were probably playing with close to half of our salary cap.

It gave those players another opportunity to play and we didn’t feel that they were playing well enough to keep them. We’ve got to make some changes, we don’t want the same thing next year to only count on ‘hey we’re recovered now.’ Also we want to work hard trying to find people that really have a desire and determination to be here.

Do you think this sends any sort of a message to other homegrowns that it's important to be ready to play from day one?

We were very aggressive going to the homegrown players and I think for good reasons, we were one of the better teams in the league in the academy. So we were very aggressive bringing in five, then Richard six. Then this year when we had all our injuries, those guys just weren’t ready.

Maybe there could’ve been other things done but what we want to do is make the team better next year. We thank them for everything they’ve done, they’ve worked hard for us, it’s just that a term I learned a long time ago in coaching is "many are called, few are chosen" and right now we have to be a little bit more selective on who we keep and who we bring in.

What it does is makes the other guys who we’re still keeping or looking at, it’s got to make them nervous, sure.

In the future, do you think you may be more reluctant to sign younger players to HG deals?

I don’t know if so much that, like we just signed Kellyn Acosta to be a part of the team and he’s not going to be ready, He'll be 17 going on 18. But we see so many things we like about him. His goal next year is to make the travel team, not to start. What happened this year when we had all our injuries is some of those players were put in a position to start.

And with Bruno Guarda, he just hasn't been able to show enough?

It wasn’t quite enough, I think a lot of Bruno I recruited him and he was an all-american at SMU, he did a lot of good things. He came out and gave up his senior year but it was probably a good decision. He’s still back at SMU finishing classes. I don’t know what it was but it just seems like he probably hit a wall and couldn’t get through it.

Do you think you'll be looking to send most of your good academy players to the college game in the future rather than signing them?

I think college gives you many learning opportunities. You’re away from home and making your own decisions. Am I going to go to class and how much am I going to put forward into my training knowing I have a midterm coming.

You’re playing in basically an age group that’s very similar to you. If you’re coming in as an 18 year old, maybe the oldest guy on the team is 22. We have guys here that are 30 years old and starting with international experience. I think maybe for some of those players it is good to go on to college. London Woodberry is a boy that went on and he’s playing for the #1 team in the country, starting, came through our academy. The other player is Ambrose who’s there, OC at Chapel Hill, Bradlee at South Carolina. There’s some players out there that we’re really monitoring and seeing how they continue to develop.