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Revisiting Community Predictions: Fabian Castillo

Brandon Wade

Looking back at the community predictions for Fabian Castillo, it looks like our intrepid readers were pretty much spot on with this one except for one caveat.

Overall, we predicted Castillo would have 6 goals, 7 assists and 28 starts when in actuality, Castillo finished the season with 6 goals, 3 assists and 23 starts.

The main lesson learned from these predictions, myself included, is that Castillo is likely never going to be as much of an assist man as he is a goal scorer. No matter how electrifying he is on the dribble, Castillo is much more likely to earn himself some space that he will use for a shot rather than opting to pass the ball.

It's a frustrating aspect of his game, but at the same time six goals from an outside midfielder in 26 games/23 starts is a pretty good haul. When you look at the ideal lineup of FC Dallas this year, with no injuries, Castillo was not even a starter, which is a terrorizing thought to other MLS defenses.

The question with Castillo will always be, do you want a goal-scorer or a goal provider at your outside midfield spot, especially with a poacher like Blas Perez in the middle. Either way, you have to say 2012 was a good year for Castillo and one that most of us saw coming.