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Pablo Ricchetti Sounds off on FC Dallas Youth Development

Former FCD midfielder Tweets critical opinions of FCD youth development

Charlie Helms

Those who have been around for a little while will remember Argentine midfielder Pablo Ricchetti. The man from Buenos Aires played three good seasons for FCD in 2007-2009, winning team defender of the year in 2008.

He was always a fairly outspoken player and recently on Twitter, he wrote some thought-provoking comments.

FC Dallas has the #1 Academy but academy players have no space on starting 11.. Do they realize the potential and money are losing? @
@islandofmind Play your young talent and then sell it. That money goes to you, not to MLS. Do you know Funes Mori? Cost to River: $0. Now?

Ruben Luna, Bryan Leiva, Victor Ulloa, etc.. Too many players, too much talent, too little playing time..

In the other hand, coaches as Bruce Arena, Jason Kreis, Oscar Pareja and some others are developing players to be pros..
There is some people here trying to teach soccer to the world.. Everything is invented..
The good thing? Shorter or longer, soccer puts everyone in place..
In MLS you have to grow your own players and use them.. Is the only way you can be always competitive under salary cap restrictions..
It's frustating how FC Dallas waste talent just because they don't know how to finish the excellent job Academy coaches are doing..

Are the thoughts of Ricchetti a bit overblown or legitimate arguments? Or maybe somewhere in the middle?

What do you think?