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Hyndman on Carlos Rodriguez, Youth & Waiver Draft

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

I had a chance to grab a couple minutes with Schellas Hyndman on Monday afternoon for my article on the release of Carlos Rodriguez. Nearly everything touches on that move but I think there's some pretty interesting stuff in here so read the article and then come back here for the full chat.

First, your overall thoughts on the roster move today

He was a player we brought in to help with our fullback position on the left side. We liked him at Tauro. Unfortunately he was playing a lot for us in the midfield and then maybe because we had injuries but it just never seemed to be very fair to see him where we wanted him.

We had the game at Chivas…that was kind of a make it or break it game for him and I didn’t think he had a very good performance there. Saying that we were very interested in bringing him back but in the contract negotiations it just got a little bit difficult.

So it became something where there was a 2013 option for him that just became something you weren't comfortable paying?

That was exactly it. There were three things. The first thing was the salary was a little bit more than we thought we could afford, the second thing was he’s an international spot and the third thing was he’s on the Panamanian roster and he could miss ten games next year. Adding those things together it became a little bit more and more difficult to hang onto him. As far as a player and a person, he’s a good player and a very good person. It was a very difficult decision for us.

Did you make this move having seen some things in London Woodberry and Moises Hernandez that maybe suggest you're comfortable with some of the youth you have at the position?

Yeah and I’d also thrown Kellyn Acosta there. It doesn’t mean that we’re not still actively looking for a right back or a left back but when you look at the numbers and the international spot and him missing ten games, it was a factor and then we’ve got some young players we want to give an opportunity like the ones you mentioned may be able to step in and help us.

Are there more cuts to come in the next few days?

Not so much roster cuts but I think the announcements of some of the players that we’ve not picked up their options and that will be something that we’re still working with the league on because today was waiver draft and we didn’t pick any players out of the waiver draft.

Were there any names in the waiver draft that you're interested in? Maybe not to pay their 2013 option but bring them in later for a look?

We had highlighted a couple players that we thought were pretty interesting players. Corey Hertzog from New York because we liked him at the combine and then his numbers were a little bit high because he’s graduated from the Generation Adidas contract.

Of course Solli from New York who just got his green card is another interesting player. Gabriel Gomez the player from Philadelphia, he was a player on our discovery list last year and we did not sign him so Philadelphia got him. There’s some interesting players out there but I think what people are going to do is just kind of wait around until the players aren’t picked up and then maybe renegotiate their contracts.