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Revisiting David Beckham's History in Dallas

Becks has played three games in Frisco, they were all classics

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

The LA Galaxy announced today that MLS Cup 2012 will be David Beckham's last game with the LA Galaxy. Beckham leaves the Galaxy(and presumably MLS), with an incredible legacy, and one that has included some crazy games in Dallas.

Lets take a look back at David Beckham's history in Frisco.

"Bench it like Beckham"

Superliga 2007 was probably one of the most interesting tournaments that's ever been played at FC Dallas Stadium. FCD had two draws with Chivas Guadalajara and Pachuca, but the game everyone was looking forward to was the LA Galaxy game to round out the group. David Beckham had just signed with the Galaxy and signs pointed to the fact that the game in Frisco could be his first away game with the Galaxy.

Unfortunately, that didn't end up being the case and a bunch of fans were left disappointed. Fortunately, the game ended up being one of the all-time franchise classics with the Galaxy taking away a 6-5 victory with perhaps the best goal in stadium history waived off as offside(just watch the video)

The Makeup Game

FCD made things good by dishing out free tickets to a charity pre-season game next season. The game ended 0-0. Becks was there. He signed autographs. Everyone was happy.

Welcome Baby, Welcome

Becks made his first competitive appearance in Frisco May 18, 2008 and what a wild game it was. First off, we had the Beckham "Shush" moment, then Adrian Serioux put in a red card tackle on him leading to the infamous "Welcome Baby, Welcome" quote and finally it was the game that got Steve Morrow fired and Schellas Hyndman eventually hired. (If people thought FCD was bad defensively this year, watch these highlights)


FC Dallas got their revenge on a sweltering day in July, throttling Beckham and the Galaxy 4-0. I was interning for the team at the time and still vividly remember the press conference after that game where Beckham looked just totally beaten down by the heat and wanted to get the hell out of the city. This was Schellas Hyndman's first win as FC Dallas manager.

Brek Shea breaks out

Amazingly, by my research, Beckham did not play in Frisco again until 2011 and this one was nearly as crazy as the other games. FCD and the Galaxy were tied 1-1 when a freak May storm dropped temperatures into the low 40's bringing monsoon-like rains to Frisco. The game was stopped with about 10 minutes to play and resumed about an hour later when Brek Shea scored the goal that ignited him to the top of MLS young guns.