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FC Dallas Parting Ways with Carlos Rodriguez

FC Dallas declines the Panamanian's option for 2013


After the season-ending draw with Chivas USA, head coach Schellas Hyndman said that he was watching a couple players very closely that the team had decisions to make regarding option years and that those decisions became much clearer.

We speculated in the press box after the game that Carlos Rodriguez was likely one of those players, showed poorly in the Chivas USA game and could be eligible for the chopping block. That has turned out to be the case as this afternoon FCD announced that they will not be picking up his contract option and Rodriguez will be available for the waiver draft.

A few thoughts on the move:

Fitness and team shape Hyndman said he learned a lot about some players in that match and they need people who don't need to come out after the 60th minute. Rodriguez was clearly gassed in that game and Hyndman probably thought that he's not worth an international slot. While he was a versatile player that could help out at a few different positions, he didn't really show to be starting quality. He was young, but is probably replaceable pretty easily. While Rodriguez was a decent attacking outside back, he clearly struggled with some of the size and speed you see in the league.

Good for a future homegrown Would FC Dallas make this move if they didn't really like London Woodberry? He slots as an outside back at the professional level and will likely be a backup there next season. Dallas had someone at the ACC Tournament and must have liked what they saw. Also, this move is good for Moises Hernandez who has one less player to beat out for a spot in 2013.

Could get picked up It wouldn't shock me to see someone pick up Rodriguez, especially a team like Colorado. He's on a relatively low contract of <$100,000 and can certainly fill a need. Hyndman and FC Dallas must have simply thought enough was enough and there wasn't much sense in bringing him back.