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Ferreira "I'll be 100 percent in 2013 & aiming for MLS Cup

Ferreira looking to replicate MVP form in 2013

Layne Murdoch

Today's article was about David Ferreira and his return from injury. The way he came back from 15 months out of the game in July was truly remarkable and in the last 12 games of the season, Ferreira had an assist/90 minute ratio that was better than anyone in MLS this season.

“The main focus for me is next year,” Ferreira told through a translator. “I’m very happy, and with all the hard work I’m going to be doing during the offseason and preseason, I’m going to be 100 percent like I was before. The goal is to get our team to another final.”

Here's my full chat with Ferreira(thanks to Daniel Granados of FCD for translation):

How do you feel like your season went overall?

It was a very good start but as the season went on I felt a lot of fatigue

We're you pleased personally with how you were able to return from injury so quickly, once you were healthy?

Obviously for professionals you need to have a good pre-season but the minutes that I was able to play, I contributed to the team.

How do your foot and ankle feel? Do you feel like you're completely recovered from the injury?

I feel fine but as the season got towards the end my leg started getting tired…I’m taking two weeks off and then I’ll start training and hopefully next pre-season the injury will be completely gone.

What was missing from the team this year that needs to improve next season?

I think this year we need to just focus a little bit more during the games. Sometimes in the last minute the opponents would score a goal so that’s something that we have to get better for next year and maybe also not having as many injuries which was really hard on the team. Despite the injuries we almost got into the playoffs anyways.

The season has only been done for a couple weeks but you have to already be looking forward to next year...

The main focus for me is next year. I’m very happy and with all the hard work I’m going to be doing during the off-season and pre-seaosn, I’m going to be 100% like I was before and the goal is to get our team to another final.

2013 will be your fifth season in Frisco, that's a long time in soccer, how attached do you feel to FC Dallas?

I feel really close to the city now. From day one everyone has shown me a lot of love even with my struggles at the beginning and now all my family here doesn’t want to leave so hopefully I can stay here for many more years.

Has anything surprised you in your time here that maybe you weren't expecting?

It’s really all the support from the people. The people here are so friendly and they help me out a lot.