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MLS Superdraft Talk Version 1.0 - Should Dallas go after a defender?

George Frey

It's about that time again. The season is over for all but four MLS teams and after Sunday, just two teams will be left standing. That means that the majority of MLS squads have turned their attention to the off-season and the MLS Superdraft.

I cover NCAA Soccer for MLS so I've watched probably three dozen NCAA games this year(filling up the DVR with college soccer, as I'm sure my wife will attest to). This has given me a pretty solid feel for the 2013 MLS draft class, but it's still way too early to talk about that as the Generation adidas class that MLS signs can wildly impact how solid the draft class is and for better or worse, the MLS combine also has a huge impact on a player.

What I want to discuss today is the defense and the options that sit in front of FCD.

I asked Schellas Hyndman earlier in the week on should Dallas target a specific position or just go for best available and this is what he had to say:

It really changes. It depends on your team. If you’re looking at your team and you say we have a solid team right now, we may want to go after a goalkeeper just knowing that this person may not have an immediate impact but it’s someone down the road. Or we may say we need someone like Zach Loyd, we’d like to get a center back with the potential of playing right back and he came through.

This past year we went after Hedges and he was in the top four of our group and we were really happy when he was available and you saw what kind of season he had. It’s a little bit more difficult to go after the attacking players because there’s a lot of people who go in higher draft spots than you’d want for those players.

A lot of that is white noise, but the last sentence has a lot of value. The last attacking player drafted by FCD that really worked out was Brek Shea with Peri Marosevic and Andrew Wiedeman the only attacking players taken in the first two rounds of the draft by Schellas Hyndman.

With that in mind, the discussion always starts with defenders. As Drew fantastically broke down, the FC Dallas defense is far from set in stone next year. There are certainly all the pieces in place but if either Ugo Ihemelu or George John doesn't return next year, then there's probably at least two center backs needed.

FC Dallas has a luxury in that London Woodberry, the highest rated senior defender by Top Drawer Soccer, will likely be added to the roster without having to spend a draft pick. That means that with the #7 overall pick, if Dallas wants to draft a defender, it would probably be a Generation adidas guy as from what I've seen, I just don't think the senior central defender class is that strong.

There are certainly some players like Max Wasserman at UCONN and Jimmy Nealis at Georgetown that can potentially play outside back that will be worth taking a look at, but they're certainly not players that will be looked at in the top 10.

So right now talking about the #7 overall pick, while Dallas has had tons of success drafting defenders in the first round, it seems hardly set in stone that FCD will be able to find good value at the defender position with this high draft pick, given the fact that London Woodberry is available to be signed as a Homegrown.

Regardless of this, do you think FCD should target another center back in the draft with one of the two top 20 picks to solidify depth at the position or should they look elsewhere?