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The FC Dallas Depth Chart

Victor Decolongon

There will be plenty of individual player discussions over the next couple months, but with the moves last week, I wanted to put together where I see the depth chart at right now just to have a reference point for where the team needs are and where the strengths are heading into the silly season. In the old SBN site format, I had the depth chart on the side (that I updated far too infrequently), but we can't really do that anymore.

For reference, I'm only going to list each player once and not list them in multiple positions. Also, I'm listing every player where I think they stand when fully healthy and I'm not taking into account later cuts to this roster that will probably happen. Obviously that is not the case currently, but by the start of next season, everyone but Brek and maybe Ugo should be fully fit.

There are currently 26 players on the roster including Kellyn Acosta (Not eligible until 2013) and Moises Hernandez (On loan at Comunicaciones in Guatemala)


1. Kevin Hartman

2. Chris Seitz

3. Richard Sanchez

Left Back

1. Jair Benitez

2. Carlos Rodriguez

3. Moises Hernandez

Center Back

1. George John

2. Ugo Ihemelu

3. Matt Hedges

4. Hernan Pertuz

Right Back

1. Zach Loyd

2. Kellyn Acosta

(This is a spot where Pertuz and Rodriguez would be the backups)

Defensive Midfielder

1. Julian de Guzman

2. Daniel Hernandez

3. Bobby Warshaw

4. James Marcelin

Central Midfielder

1. Andrew Jacobson

2. Victor Ulloa

Left Midfielder

1. Brek Shea

2. Fabian Castillo

Right Midfielder

1. Jackson

Attacking Midfielder

1. David Ferreira

2. Ricardo Villar


1. Blas Perez

2. Scott Sealy

3. Jonathan Top