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Where All The Points Went In 2012

FC Dallas finished the season with a league high 12 draws meaning they left a lot of points on the table.


After taking an extended look at the 2012 schedule for FC Dallas one thing stuck out at me - and no I am not talking once again about the 13-game winless run. It was about the alarming number of points that were left on the table this season by the club.

Obviously this is fairly subjective and goes into the lovely "what if" section that we have in the off season but hear me out for a moment.

Opponent Result Points Lost Where the points went
Portland (3/17) 1-1 2 The win would have given FCD a 2-0-0 start to the season but instead a sluggish start to the second half took away a good night that saw Blas Perez score his first goal and Bryan Levya start his first game.
Sporting KC (3/25) 2-1 1 FCD fans will remember this game for Ricardo Villar's amazing free kick and Kevin Hartman's great PK save. But some will forget that FCD blew the lead on this one and allowed SKC to score late.
Real Salt Lake (4/25) 1-1 2 Another blown lead at home. FCD got a Brek Shea PK before half before the defense collapsed midway through the second half.
LA Galaxy (4/28) 1-1 2 See the theme here? Blown lead as FCD gives up a late stoppage time goal and returns home with just a single point.
Philadelphia Union (5/19) 1-1 2 Blown lead once again, this time at home. This may have been one of the worst games of the season in terms of quality of play out of FCD. Just a bad showing all around.
RSL (5/26) 3-2 1 Gave up a stoppage time goal to give up the draw. You don't get too many chances to leave Rio Tinto with points.
Houston Dynamo (6/16) 2-1 1 FCD fought back in a game that Hyndman loves to point at and say how many starters were missing for it. But emotions got the best of the team in this one (mostly Jair Benitez) and another late goal gave FCD nothing to show for on the road.
Every Chivas USA game (6/23, 10/7, 10/28) 0-0, 1-1, 2-2 6 All three Chivas games get lumped here into one. The Goats were the worst team in the West this season and the worst offense in the league. Yet FCD gave up three goals to them, all in games where they head leads.
Toronto FC (7/4) 0-0 2 Ew, can't beat a team that won FIVE games all year at home? Ouch.
Portland (8/5) 1-1 2 Another blown lead on the road. Not to mention another game where FCD was shorthanded.
San Jose (9/29) 3-3 2 FCD nearly did the unthinkable by going into Buck Shaw Stadium and knocking off the league's best squad. But each time FCD got up in the game, including in the final minutes of the game, they found a way to allow San Jose back in it.

Now again, its all subjective here. But 23 points were left on the table this season by Dallas.

To add more perspective to this let's go ahead and show you the record against non-playoff teams as well.

Columbus Crew - 0-1-0

Montreal Impact 1-0-0

New England Revolution 1-0-0

Toronto FC 0-0-1

Philadelphia Union 0-0-1

Chivas USA 0-0-3

Portland Timbers 1-0-2

Colorado Rapids 2-1-0

Ugly. You can't be a playoff team if you don't beat up on the competition that you should beat. It wasn't a ton better against teams with winning records either. FCD went just 2-11-5 on the year. Ouch.

The season obviously could have gone a lot different with a few of these games listed above. Now that the season is over, it is time to get all of this out there so we can move on. We'll get to some stuff on here that went right in 2012 but sometimes you have to go through a lot of ugly before you get to a lot of good.