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Revisiting Community Projections: Blas Perez

Looking back at pre-season predictions


Before the season started, we made some predictions on how we thought players would do throughout the season and now is the time to look back at them!

We start with Blas Perez.

Looking back at the original thread, everyone went for double digit goals and the aggregate prediction came out to 13 goals 6 assists 26 games

The final tally for Blas was 9 goals 4 assists 20 games which means that the Big D Soccer community, unsurprisingly, was pretty much spot on in the prediction. What couldn't have been predicted was the foot injury that forces Blas to miss 12 games right in the middle of the year, but I think pretty much everyone would agree that Blas would have easily reached 13 goals and 6 assists, had he played ten(ish) more games.

I guess what that really means is we underestimated the impact he would have had a bit.

It's actually quite frustrating to think that in what was basically half a season, Blas was able to nearly hit double digits. Could he go for 20 goals next year? I don't think it's crazy to think that if he stays healthy.