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Quote Sheet: Talk from the 2-2 Draw With Chivas USA

Players and coaches reaction to the disappointing finish to the 2012 season.

Brandon Wade

We summed it up fairly quickly for you all last night. The 2-2 draw with Chivas USA was a fitting way to end what has been a frustrating season for FC Dallas. The boys in red gave up two late goals in the 90th minute and in stoppage time to draw their final game of the year.

The draw was also the 12th of the season, most in MLS this season by any club.

Schellas Hyndman reacts to the result and also explains a couple injuries that happened in the first half.

Two teams going into the last game of the year without an opportunity for the playoffs... I was worried about the emotions and commitment to the game but today both teams were committed. [Chivas USA] outplayed us in the first half. They were causing us a lot of problems on the flanks, things we've worked on to stop them from penetrating. They got a lot of crosses off and were quite dangerous.

At halftime, we lost Zach Loyd and Hernan Pertuz to injury so we had to quickly make some changes and brought Jair [Benitez] and Daniel Hernandez in. Things seemed to open up a little bit more for us in the second half. We scored two good goals out of it and with five minutes left, I thought the game was in our hands... How quickly it turned.... I give [Chivas USA] a lot of credit. They've had a very difficult year. They continue to fight and I thought they scored two goals that devastated us but it's kind of the way the season went for us.

A bit from Hyndman on what this result means and what the club learned from it. Very interesting stuff regarding some unnamed players.

We were looking at a couple players quite seriously, trying to make some decisions on contract options and I think those decisions might be a little bit clearer. That's one thing we learned. After we scored our second goal, we were really playing well, moving the ball well and if there was a mistake to be learned from that, it is that we probably tried to put too much energy into trying to get another goal. It's something we didn't want to do but it's kind of hard sometimes for players to put the brakes on and keep possession.

Hyndman finish up with some comments on the fan support last night and this season.

Without an option or an opportunity to make the playoffs, it has to come to an end at some point. I'm glad we were at home. And talking about home, what great fan support we've had all year. We've broken the single season record for attendance at FC Dallas Stadium and it wasn't one of our better years, so a great tribute to our sales group and all of the people working for FC Dallas. [They are doing] a great job getting people to the games, to the events and we obviously want to thank our fans for being with us all year.

Goalkeeper Kevin Hartman give us his thoughts on the result.

Certainly we were excited to be up two nil. They might have gotten the first one in the 90th minute, so we conceded two goals in four minutes. It's just very difficult to work so hard for such an extended period of time and we did do well to get two goals. We settled down a little bit in the second half. We played with good possession in the second half with Andrew Jacobson in the back. He looked pretty comfortable on the ball. Then to give away two goals the way we did was really frustrating.

Hartman on the season being over and what it all means.

It's difficult for me to say I am happy it's over. You never know how many times you're going to get to play the game. There are probably some young guys who are glad the season is over and look forward to the next one. Personally, I'm 38-years-old. I don't really know exactly what's going to happen on in the offseason. I just want to continue to play as well as I possibly can. If you have the opportunity to help the team win in any way then you try to do that. Unfortunately, tonight we just ran out of games. We ran out of time and the effort really wasn't there in the last two minutes.

Striker Blas Perez gives us his thoughts on the result.

We had to defend the result better than we did. That's what was important. We played good soccer to get the lead but it's too bad we couldn't close out the game. We had the game, 2-0, and then they scored two goals right at the end. It makes us sad because we wanted to end the season with a win for our fans. From the beginning of this season, we have given up goals on our own errors. Next season, we're going to make sure this doesn't happen again.

When we finished the first half we came in and talked about improving in the second half and we actually did. When we set out to do something we're usually pretty good about doing it. We just need to work on not committing errors.

We will have more from this game and begin out season recaps here this week. One underlying thing to begin to mention is that with this result Dallas will now own the 7th pick in the January SuperDraft. We'll get into that later on though.