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Hartman has no plans to retire & FCD wants him back

Sunday's match with Chivas USA will not be Hartman's last

Ronald Martinez

One of the questions I've been asked more than almost any other recently is about the status of Kevin Hartman. The 38-year-old keeper is out of contract with FCD, so I talked to him and Schellas Hyndman about it.

Read to see what they said

"It’s been a rough year for everyone, but I still enjoy my soccer and feel like I’m playing at a caliber that’s good enough to play within Major League Soccer," Hartman told on Friday. "So I certainly would love to continue to do it."

A few extra quotes from Hartman that didn't make the story...

On how this situation is different than the one in Kansas City a few years ago

I walked away from Kansas City and it was a little bit of a difficult time in my life and I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I don’t think I was really ready to be put into that position. Three years on I’ve certainly matured in a lot of ways and I think one of those is being prepared for what the next step in my future is.

It certainly gives me a leg to stand on and I’m really excited about the fact that the Hunts and Schellas gave me an opportunity to come here and play. My family loves it here in Dallas, I feel like there’s a great quality of life and the guys on the team I think there’s a bunch of characters in the locker room that I get along with well and I think we certainly have some qualities in this team that we can build upon in the future.

On coming back to extend his records(saves, games played, shutouts, games started etc...)

Wathing the whole Wondolowski vs Roy Lassiter thing, it’s cool to see those records get bigger and bigger so when somebody finally accomplishes them and attains those records, it’s something that’s rewarding to everybody. It allows Roy to revisit the past and talk about that whole situation again.

Records are made to be broken and somebody asked me if there should be an asterisk by Wondolowski because there’s more games but I’m sure if you break it down into goals per game that can be another record but as long as somebody is coming up with a number of the games and calls that the season then

Wondolowski is one of those guys that has really worked his way to the top and I think you’re always excited to see guys like that accomplish records.

The shutout record, I’m sure Nicky [Rimando] will probably get that one but I’ll try to make it as big as I can. He’s been playing on a real solid team for a number of years and they do very well defensively and plus he’s quality.

The number of games played is getting pretty high that it might be tough for somebody and I came into the league at a different time. I don’t want to shortchange myself but it’s probably a little bit more difficult for a young goalkeeper to get the opportunities that I Was given when I was younger. I think that one speaks a little bit to the longevity of my career and when I was a kid all I wanted to do was play…

I think that the number of games played speaks towards that and just to be able to play that number of games you must be playing at a certain level where somebody still wants you. I think those are the ones that I’ll just try to get bigger and really set the bar up there for somebody to try to achieve. I’m not selfish with it by any means, they’re there to be broken, but good luck.