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Behind Enemy Lines: Scouting Chivas USA

Final scouting report of the season, as FC Dallas hosts lowly Chivas USA in the season finale.

Victor Decolongon

One more game and in a way it feels like a ho-hum kind of game at best now that the playoffs are out of reach. Still there is a lot to play for and many will want to see FC Dallas go out on a high note as they host Chivas USA on Sunday.

Chivas enters this game winless since July and still pretty pitiful on offense. Out of their last nine games, Chivas has scored just two goals. Unfortunately one of those two goals was in the 1-1 draw with Dallas just a few weeks ago.

Not a ton has changed for either squad since the last meeting. Neither have playoff hopes at this point and there aren't really any new injuries to speak of on either end.

Lame Duck Coach

The reports over the last few days suggest Robin Fraser is going to be out as Chivas head coach after the seasons end. Will his players rise up and get him his last win as their coach? Or will it just be more of the same out of this bunch? That is the question of course going into this game for Chivas fans.

I believe some players will step up and play the "win one for the Gipper" card. Others will likely just want to end this mess and move on.

The players looking to stick around and impress the potential new head coach Jose Luis Real could provide a nice spark to this squad.

Fraser put out a fairly old lineup last week against Colorado in the 2-0 loss. The team had no midfield shape and really lacked any solid effort in the final third to get Alejandro Moreno the ball. Juan Agudelo was put out on the wing with Nick LaBrocca placed as a service man in the midfield. All seemed like a good idea but when the guys in the middle of the park behind them lost their shape, the offense lost it's bite.

Fraser could opt for a new lineup on Sunday, something he's done pretty frequently as of late.

Understanding the two previous meetings

But saying all of that Fraser's squad has done well against Dallas this season. Two draws against Dallas, both times using their defense to get the win.

Dallas struggled in the summer meeting with Chivas at home. Dan Kennedy was the big hero on that day, making stop after stop. While a couple weeks ago it was mental mistakes on the part of the Dallas back line that allowed Chivas to get the tying goal.

Chivas matches up fairly well with what Dallas has to offer but as long as Dallas can spread out their attack and keep a strong group in the middle of the park, Chivas won't have an answer for all the weapons that Dallas has.

Dallas will want to also show up with a little more sense of urgency in this game on Sunday as their last meeting proved to be one of the worst performances all season by some observers.

Final Thoughts

I feel like a broken record saying this but this is a game Dallas should win. Fans deserve to see this club go out on a good note and honestly the players deserve to win one to finish this season.

Hopefully Dallas has a little more sense of urgency to win this game than they did a couple weeks ago and prove that they could be a dangerous team in 2013.