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Last Few Weeks Has More Meaning To Some Players

The final game of the year means finishing strong and for some players, proving their worth for 2013.


The season finale for FC Dallas is nearly here. Sunday's game with Chivas USA has some good meaning behind it as it could prove to be a big game for some players looking to stay on with the club going into the 2013 season.

Obviously there will be more that goes into this than just the Chivas game. The final weeks of training after the season ends on Sunday (which by the way, the team will continue to train and go through their exit interviews through the middle part of November).

I believe there are a few guys that will use the Chivas game and the next couple weeks of training to make their case for 2013.

Senior Roster

Ricardo Villar - Daniel and I have been saying it for a few weeks now but ever since Villar got healthy again he was basically auditioning for a shot at staying with the club through 2012. He is one of the last signings from the Barry Goreman era. Injuries have done him in this season and seeing how the 33-year old isn't getting any younger you have to wonder what is next for him.

Bruno Guarda - He likely won't see any time against Chivas on Sunday but you can bet that these could be his final weeks with the club if he doesn't show something special. Let's face it, Guarda never really did pan out here in Dallas after five season.

James Marcelin - The team is full on defensive midfielders if Julian de Guzman and Daniel Hernandez both come back and play next season (de Guzman is the bigger if in my book than DH but that is for another day). Marcelin has been used sparingly since the arrival of de Guzman and let's be fair, had Bobby Warshaw not got injured when he did, Marcelin would probably never have signed with Dallas.

Matais Jara - He's been decent in reserve games but is he worth keeping through the entire year next season? I do think he'll be brought back for pre-season next year with a shot but depending on how well FC Dallas does in the offseason with signings, draft picks and academy pickups, Jara could be an odd man out.

Home Grown Players/Developmental Roster

A quick note before I go through these players. They all need minutes and game experience there is no question about that. I don't think some of the HGPs are as safe from staying on the team as they've been in years past. I think one could get traded, and a couple others will get loans.

Alex Lee - He's finally off the injury list after being on it the majority of the season. There is a decent bet FC Dallas will welcome him back to preseason with a chance to make the roster next January.(See Daniel's comment below regarding Lee)

Victor Ulloa - A kid that has really yet to see any solid time with the club other than reserve games.

Bryan Leyva - I want to see this kid work out here, I really do, but there are some who think otherwise. He's still young and still growing as a player. Either way Dallas will find a shot to give him minutes wherever they can.