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Quote Sheet: FC Dallas on the 3-1 Loss in Seattle

Comments from various players and Schellas Hyndman following last night's loss in Seattle.


We're all still scratching our heads from this 3-1 loss to the Seattle Sounders last night. FC Dallas now has one final game to close out what has been a frustrating season for Schellas Hyndman and company.

Here are some interesting quotes from last night's game. Most of all center around the same thing, injuries and how they've effected the team this season.

FC Dallas keeper Kevin Hartman

"I would imagine that we were missing half of our salary cap for majority of the season. So it‘s difficult to compete without that level of talent on the field. To have such a front loaded schedule can be difficult as well, but we're not in the business of making excuses, we're in the business of getting wins and tonight we weren't able to do it. The pressure was on and the guys that we needed to have out there, the majority was out there. Seattle just beat us."

FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman

On the loss:

"It was a very important game for us, obviously, with Portland beating Vancouver, we felt like we had an opportunity to get a point and hopefully three, but it was a well played game by both teams, difficult environment as everyone says, and our guys gave everything they had."

On the season:

Well, it's not just this game, it's the whole season. I ask you to look at any team in the league that has gone without seven starters in a game, tonight we went without five; we left five guys at home. We've done that the whole year. I think Blas [Perez] is leading the team with 9 goals, and I think he has missed half the season, with injuries and call-ups. For what we have on our team, not just with the injuries and suspensions and the things we could have done a little better at, I know my team, and I don't know how much more I could get out of them. We had Seattle twice at home, and both games we think we outplayed them, and found a way not to win. It has been a whole season thing."

FC Dallas defender Zach Loyd

"We knew that coming in a tie wasn't good enough. We were throwing bodies forward especially in the second half. We were tied one - one, and we knew that a tie wasn't going to get it. Unfortunately we got caught on a few counters and they capitalized on them, and we missed a few chances. At the end of the day I'm proud of the guys. We put everything on the field, and it's unfortunate that it ended the way it did, but we have one more game so hopefully we can go home and end the season on a good note."

We'll have more from this game and other thoughts going into the offseason here shortly.