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Loyd Bruised but OK after Physical Battle With SJ

Thearon W. Henderson - Getty Images

Today's MLS story on Zach Loyd is a must-read looking back at his game against San Jose. Click Here to read

"I’m OK, my head’s just a little swollen," Loyd told on Sunday. "Fortunately, I turned my head and he caught the back of it. I was just trying to score."

As an aside, here is the full quote from Schellas on preparing for the physicality of San Jose.. I think it's quite interesting.

The problem we run into is their size and their strength. Is it any surprise that every ball that’s coming in is just a bang down knock down ball?

The one thing you hope for is people aren’t taking players out to open up space for others and I think that’s what you’re starting to see. On the last goal Zach Loyd got thrown down pretty hard and the only person who can deal with that is the linesman or the referee.

I don’t know if you can do anything. Two weeks ago we had a fantastic ending and this one was just as disappointing an ending. Maybe we’ve got to recruit the guys. Bring in the guys that are going to be big and compete for every ball. I think you’re starting to see that more and more in the league. You’re seeing the center backs are big strong physical players that are going to compete because that’s the way it’s going.

It’s really unfortunate because I think we have a lot of players in this league that are very very good and don’t need to be introduced to this style of play. George John would’ve definitely been a huge help for us and I knew that going into this game. Not having George in to guard against Lenhart was going to be huge.