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Lamar Hunt Biography Coming Out This Week

Lamar Hunt Biography Comes Out This week | Book Signing Scheduled

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

The impact of Lamar Hunt on this league and on this franchise is immeasurable. Would FC Dallas even be in the metroplex these days if it wasn't for Lamar taking control of the team? We'll never quite know for sure, but he will always be Uncle Lamar to all of us.

I, unfortunately, only came to the team late in 2004 when Lamar was reaching the last years of his life and I didn't yet truly appreciate just what he meant to the franchise and to soccer in this country. My only personal interaction with him was on the eve of the FC Dallas Stadium opening. Some of us were tailgating outside the stadium the night before and Lamar drove up, on his own, and out of his trunk came beer. Lots and lots of beer. Yes, the owner of the team and one of the most revered figures in American professional sports brought beer to us, unprompted, the night before the biggest day in his franchise's history. Being 19 at the time, of course I didn't drink any of that beer *shifty eyes*

The biography of Lamar's life "Lamar Hunt: A Life in Sports" comes out on Thursday and it will be available at outlets across the area including the FC Dallas team shop. Michael MacCambridge, the author, will be signing at the Barnes and Noble on NW Hwy at 7PM on Thursday October 4, as well.

For more information, follow this link and then go pick up the book, it's sure to be a must read.