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FCD Testing Warshaw at Center Back

My article on FCD giving Bobby Warshaw at look at center back

Ed Zurga - Getty Images

I teased it earlier in the week and here is my story about Warshaw getting a look at center back through the last four reserve league games. Click here to read

“To a certain degree, center back plays to my intangible strengths a little more with passing out of the back and the organization and leadership,” Warshaw said. “I think those are things I can do well and center back is more conducive to that.”

I'm not completely sold on the Warshaw at CB thing as I didn't think he was bad at d-mid and just got caught up in a numbers game. With Julian de Guzman departing and even possibly Daniel Hernandez retiring at the end of the season, Warshaw should have another chance at d-mid.

However, reserve league games are where you try things and see if they work so I applaud the FCD staff for taking a look at Warshaw to see if they've stumbled upon something great at center back. It will be very interesting to see where he sticks next season.

P.S. I liked this quote that didn't make it into an article from Warshaw about the reserve's success(6-3-1 in 10 games this season).

You play to win and the guys on the reserve team have been playing well. We do well in training and these guys work hard. They work hard every day and do well in training so for us it’s no surprise we’re winning these games. We train hard every day, we stay after and come in on days off so for us to do well in these games isn’t a surprise because we feel like we’ve been doing it every day for the past couple months.