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Is Brek Shea Done For 2012?

Shea's recent injuries suggest it might be time to close the chapter on this season.

Layne Murdoch - Getty Images

My article for today centered around Brek Shea's injury(s) and the nature of his call up to the national team earlier this week. The quotes from Schellas, talking to him after Wednesday's reserve game, seem to indicate Shea's frustrating 2012 could be coming to an end.

“Now it’s just coming to a point, a month later, that the knee hurts, the hip flexor hurts, the foot hurts, the abs hurt so there’s a lot of things just going off,” Hyndman said. “If you’ve ever had an injury like a back injury, suddenly your ankle starts to hurt because you’re compensating on movement.

"I think that’s where it is," Hyndman added, "and we’re going to take a lot of time to get him back."

I think Shea's status for 2012 really depends on how the next week goes with the FCD game at Seattle and if Dallas is still in the playoff race headed to the end of the season. Hyndman will not shut down his star if the playoffs are still in reach, but even if Dallas does make it, Brek can't start two games a week for three weeks like they would need to do.

Realistically speaking, it's probably not the dumbest thing in the world to just go ahead and shut Brek down to give him October, November and December off before heading to LA for USMNT camp cupcake in January as the start of his 2013 campaign. The fact of the matter is Brek doesn't have just one thing bothering him, but his whole body is way off where it needs to be and that has been a huge contributing factor as to why he hasn't reached his 2011 levels.

I think it would be best for all parties to go ahead and close this chapter, ready to come back strong in 2013.