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FC Dallas 3 San Jose Earthquakes 3 Post-Game Thoughts

Thearon W. Henderson - Getty Images

Saturday's draw with San Jose certainly feels like two points dropped rather than a point earned, but the sky is certainly not falling for FC Dallas either. Thoughts on the match:

Holding Serve I'll talk about it in my Monday article for Major League Soccer, but when you look at things in the big picture, the fact is that Dallas did what they needed to do this weekend. Hold Serve. Before the weekend, I think most would have hoped, given the fixtures, that Dallas would do whatever Vancouver did and that's what's happened. The pressure is still firmly on the Whitecaps. That being said...

Ouch In more ways than one, this game is simply, just ouch. When San Jose goes into their kitchen sink mode just lobbing balls into the box and trying to create as much havoc as possible with their big bodies throwing around players and the referee afraid to call anything...we'll there's not a whole lot you can do. There's a reason why San Jose hasn't lost at Buck Shaw Stadium in over a year.

Max Effort Say whatever you want about the the game, but anyone who thinks this team isn't putting out max, 100% effort is just wrong. That performance last night is one that, if the ball bounces a little better and the referee is a little better, you can win a playoff series against San Jose which is what Dallas will have to do if they want to make MLS Cup.

Blas is Back Maybe the most positive development from Saturday night was Blas Perez looking back to his old self. Both goals scored on Saturday night by him were typical Blas Perez, poachers goals. He got two half chances in the match and scored both of them which is what you want from your #9 forward. A Perez that is in this form could lead Dallas to three wins in their last three matches.

George John Sorely Missed Does San Jose score that late goal if George John is in there to clear out the danger? Matt Hedges was a monster all evening, including scoring the huge goal, but there's only so much one player can do. Hernan Pertuz's skill set as a defender just doesn't work well against a team like San Jose.

Scattershooting That's a penalty for the Shea takedown in the first half...The goal is to make the last game of the season vs Chivas matter, that is still on track...Castillo, gotta finish that 1v1 chance...Vancouver is snake bit, I'm not sure they beat Chivas USA on Wednesday.