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FCD Eyeing Another Panama National Teamer?

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Pizza Hut FC Dallas Stadium has become Colombia north in the past few years, but could we see another Panamanian headed to Frisco? It's not new names, but the rumors surrounding Luis "Lucho" Moreno, Carlos Rodriguez and FC Dallas have begun to heat up again. Panama news outlet Critica has spoken to Tauro FC director Carlos "Chicho" Martans who had this to say:

Yes, we are negotiating, but nothing is done. We are working on it and also the future of Carlos Rodriguez who could play in Dallas...Dallas has requested them, let's see what happens.

Moreno, a big strong defender who was very impressive in both CCL performances against FC Dallas, had this to say about a possible move:

I am waiting to call me to go, but there is nothing done or said. So far, I have received calls. I want to play abroad, for I am thinking about my future and the welfare of my family. For them is that I do this.

Two more names to watch if Dallas has to replace George John.