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Plenty Of Options For FC Dallas In 2012 SuperDraft

2012 superdraft
2012 superdraft

With only two rounds and one draft pick in next week's MLS SuperDraft, FC Dallas has one shot at getting it right. New additions to the roster in the form of Blas Perez and Hernan Pertuz, FCD has a few options in a draft class that is starting to come along very nicely.

Naturally a lot can (and will) change between now and next Thursday. The MLS Combine is this weekend and you can bet that a couple players listed here today could end up being drafted higher or not at all depending on how things go for them.

The draft is always a risk. You have players coming in who aren't seasoned enough to be on the pro level, while some players are young with tons of potential waiting to be used properly.

Schellas Hyndman was been a pretty good drafter in his years with FC Dallas. Picks like Brek Shea, George John, Zach Loyd, and even Bobby Warshaw have turned out very nicely for the club.

Picking at number 11, Dallas has little room for error. The draft pool will have nine Generation adidas players including one that Daniel has already talked about in Sam Garza (for what it is worth, I also had FCD taking Garza in my latest mock draft).

Below are a few guys that could be available to Dallas when they pick next Thursday.

Casey Townsend, F, Maryland: I've been tracking this kid for a few years now. Townsend is a solid finisher with decent size and speed. While I don't see Hyndman going the forward route with this draft, Townsend could be a decent gamble on the part of the gaffer. He has more experience than most of the forwards in this draft class and could be the right push that Fabian Castillo needs to stay on top of things in the depth chart.

Sam Garza, M, UCSB: He played a little up top and a little in the midfield in his college days. With a Generation adidas contract to his name it means he won't count against the salary cap. A big plus for a team like FCD. He is quick, versatile and fun to watch. Could be that spark-plug that the team needs off the bench.

Tyler Polak, D, Creighton: Another GA guy that just signed. This kid has plenty of upside too. He's a left back that can shutdown players on the other side of the ball but he also knows his way up the field. While going defensive with this pick would be interesting, it also wouldn't be the worst idea if Polak is still available at 11.

Andrew Jean-Baptise, D, UCONN: Another GA guy that folks here would love. He dominated many Big East forwards in his two years at UCONN and while he needs some seasoning to be a starter, having that GA tag to his name certainly helps his cause with a club like FC Dallas.

(Yes I know the question now comes, if Polak and AJB are here at 11, who do you take? For me I'd take Polak. But really it is a toss-up between these two)

Aaron Maund, D, Notre Dame: Daniel previewed this guy and he is certainly with a look. I think he'd have a chance to compete for playing time a little more than the two GA defenders listed here but it comes down to long-term for Hyndman. Believe me, he wouldn't be a bad option here at 11.

Enzo Martinez, M, UNC: Another GA target that could fall to Dallas. Martinez is one of the better attacking midfielders in this draft and could potentially be projected to play on the wing in the pro level. The GA tag on his name makes him very intriguing to take if available at 11. He would provide quality depth to the midfield and be a nice spark off the bench.

Junior Flores, M, US U-17: Flores is being heavily courted by MLS to sign a GA deal and Dallas is reportedly one of the club after him. He could end up signing a deal after the draft, a la Luis Gil or David Bingham. If he does sign a GA deal before the draft he would be a big gamble at 11 for Dallas. He's only 15-years old but if brought along properly he has the potential to be a real star in this league. (Most likely he'll sign after the draft and be placed in a lottery)

Austin Berry, D, Louisville: A strong combine will land him high but Berry had a couple solid seasons with the Cardinals, taking them to the College Cup in 2010. He's big, physical and could be a nice replacement down the road for George John.

Hunter Jumper, D, Virginia: Fullback depth is extremely tough to come by for any club and Jumper could be a decent risk to take at 11. He's one of the better fullbacks in this draft and could provide decent cover for Loyd or Jair Benitez down the road.