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George John Transfer Imminent?

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Well it looks like we need to add a piece to those roster needs for Dallas. FC Dallas and US Soccer released information tonight that center back George John has left USA camp to pursue an opportunity overseas.

This comes as somewhat of a surprise as I'd been told in the past that a January transfer was unlikely for John, but this latest move has to signal the end of George John's time in Dallas. We'll have more reaction when the move is finalized, but two quick thoughts.

Hernan Pertuz's role on FC Dallas just got a whole lot bigger and Dallas has to go out and get another top line center back. The other thought is that this is good news in the sense that a January 2012 transfer of George John hurts short term but the money they get for him should be pretty significant and this move is far preferrable to John leaving next January for nothing.

More to come on this as it becomes available...