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Oscar Pareja Taking Over in Colorado?

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According to Steven Goff, the Colorado Rapids have ended their search for a head coach and decided on FC Dallas Academy and Reserves coach Oscar Pareja. Acquired in 1998 from New England, Pareja has been with the franchise for the past 14 seasons as a player and coach while building the FCD Academy into the top program in the country according to US Soccer evaluations. While it's not surprising to see Pareja take a head coaching gig, I always expected it would be in either Colombia or with the youth national team rather than an MLS job.

Denver Post has confirmed the move

Edit: Let me also mention that, selfishly, I would hate to see Papi go, but on the positive side of things I'm extremely excited to see what he can do for as the head coach of an MLS club and I'm extremely excited for this opportunity for him and his family.

More on the story from Goff

I’m hearing that the Colorado Rapids have chosen Oscar Pareja as its head coach, replacing Gary Smith. Pareja, 43, played eight seasons in MLS and has served for several years as FC Dallas academy director and reserve team coach. One source said Pareja has yet to sign a contract but has been in serious discussions with the club. Another source said the other finalists have been notified of the Rapids’ decision.