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Post-Game With Schellas Hyndman & Scott Sealy

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Catching up with FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman and man of the match Scott Sealy after the 5-1 FCD victory over Houston Baptist...

Schellas Hyndman

Thoughts on the game

The goal for the scrimmage was really quite simple, we're taking a look at some of our trialists and also looking at some of our draft picks and using some of our academy guys. It was basically the team I've been training for 8 or 9 that was a good group of players out there that we've been looking at. We're excited to have the other players in camp, Brek, Zach, Blas, AJ's coming back on the these guys are all fighting for a place and the ones who have contracts are fighting to make the top 18

Who impressed you today?

I thought Scott Sealy did a good job. He scored two goals and assisted on one. There's still a little bit of movments that we've got to work on, these are guys that aren't used to playing with each other and it's difficult, expecially in the attack.

I thought Nico(Gianni) looked good, again he just flew in yesterday morning so this is a whole change for him. He plays at a much higher level and needs players that understand him well....the two players I thought did very well[in the second half] was Moises, where last year he was really lacking self-confidence and made a lot of defensive mistakes in positioning, I thought this game he did much better. He only really made a couple poor choices on his passes and then went in on that goal and did a great job.

I thought he looked good and our draft pick Matt Hedges looked good in the back. It was the first time we've seen him 11v11 with us, we've seen him in college but he's a lot quicker than we thought he was. He's got good foot speed we're just working on maturing the body. He's on the light side and in this league it's a little more physical. I thought those were the guys who kind of stood out. The other guys, Mark did a good job, Walter, they're working hard but we're looking for something special.

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Where do you see him slotting in, you played him up top in the first half and more in midfield in the second half...

He's a second striker and wing midfielder, but the reason I put him in the midfield towards the end is because Bobby hurt his foot and I wanted to see more of him, that's why I put him there. It was either put Leyva there or put him in and since Leyva already has a place on this team we wanted to get a chance to look at him more.

Now you're heading to Mexico with all the first teamers back, is this where things really start getting serious?

Yea, it has to. When we go down to Mexico, I think we've got three games down there and it'd be good to have the whole first team there. We're still waiting for Pertuz, I don't know what that whole situation is, Rodriguez is another one coming in, I thought he looked very good with Panama, Blas is here but he hasn't really done anything with us yet. There's a lot of things going on right now that we've got to get some work done.

How did you see Brek and Zach in the USA friendlies?

I thought against Venezuela Brek looked very good and against Panama he was a little tired. Brek is one of those guys that didn't get a break. Just as soon as he was done with the season he went to Arsenal then he came back, had Christmas and was off to the national team camp. They were working hard at the national camp so I thought he looked a little tired.

Is that something you're going to be watching the next few weeks, limiting his workload?

Well we gave him yesterday off, today off and tomorrow off, both he and Zach, just say go see the families, relax a little bit and go eat at home, don't get up for an alarm clock and just kind of get back into being comfortable.

Scott Sealy

Nice to score some goals again?

Yes! Thank you, that's my job. Any time I can get a chance to get a crack on goal that's what I'm going to do. I got a good ball over the top the defender missed and I was able to get it over the goalkeeper. The second one was a little more difficult than it should've been but that's the game and I Was able to get a good touch and finish it well.

Feeling good about your first two weeks with the team?

Yeah, I think it was solid. Coming into a new environment is always tough, I don't know the guys and trying to get adapted as quick as possible is always a challenge, but I feel at home almost. Those guys welcomed me and basically said hey we're going to give you the ball when we can and your job is to finish and that's what I've been trying to do.

It's got to feel good to finally be healthy again...

It's amazing, there's nothing like it. I've been struggling for a long time and now I feel really good. Doing 2-a-days and still being able to physically go through a 90 minute game, for me, is really big time and I just want to be able to keep going in the right direction.

What's Schellas telling you when you go out there?

He's very positive. He's very happy with the way I keep the ball and link up play, he just wants me in the box. He wants me scoring goals, being dangerous, making penetrating runs and that's what I try to do. Every time he can give me feedback is good, I'm very receptive to advice and I'll go out there and try my best every time.

You're a trialist, do you feel good about things?

Yeah, at the end of the day it's the coach's decision, I just try to do my best and if at the end of the day it's good enough I'll be here and if not, I'll find somewhere else to go. That's the nature of the game, it will be no love lost to the Dallas staff and that's just the game. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't hoping to stay because I had different options but I felt like here would be a good place to play. They have a bunch of good guys to play with and can give me service and I feel I can do well in a system like this so that's why I'm here.

Heading down to Mexico this week are you looking forward to getting some time with the guys that haven't been around yet, the guys you'll be spending time with in games?

Yeah, that's the guys that are going to be on the field when the big games come around and that's the guys I want to get familiar with. Obviously, nothing against the reserve guys they're healthy and playing well and doing well but ultimately the guys that are on the field, they're going to be around and I want to be gelling with those guys and building team chemistry.