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2012 MLS Superdraft Targets: Aaron Maund

The next player we're going to take a look at is Notre Dame center back Aaron Maund who Ives Galarcep has FC Dallas taking in his mock draft.


Aaron Maund is a 6-1 185 senior center back four year starter at University of Notre Dame. A member of the T&T U17 and USA U20 World Cup squads, Maund leaves South Bend having started basically every game in his four years. He played every possible minute in his freshman, junior and senior years and was the team captain in 2011. Maund earned All-Big East honors for his sophomore, junior and senior seasons.

His Game

For defenders, it's a lot tougher to find video of so it's tougher to say exactly what their game is like. What I can tell you is Maund has speed and size at over 6 feet tall and as a former track and field letterman. Joe Mauceri of Top Drawer Soccer called Maund "a frustrating center back with the ball at his feet, but he is a good athlete and solid defender." As a four year starter and team captain, he should be ready to play pretty much from day one.

Keep reading for why Maund fits the bill as an FCD draft target

In the Media

2007 Boston Globe - Kicking Open New Doors

Notre Dame player page

Aaron Maund on Twitter

MSOC: Aaron Maund & Four Years Strong (via NotreDameAthletics)


A four year starter who should be able to step in and play right away. You can certainly see Maund fitting in as the fourth CB behind Ugo, John and Pertuz. Schellas loves that size and speed that you can't teach which Maund has in buckets. He is a team captain and noted for his positive attitude which Schellas loves as well.


The quickest way to get yourself in trouble as a center back is to turn the ball over and if the reports are true, Maund may not be the best with the ball. These are things that can certainly be improved and it's not like many center backs come out of school as the polished product. Does he project as a starter or a backup? It's not terribly tough to find center back prospects so #11 may be a little bit of a stretch.

Odds of going to Dallas

From everything I've read, which is a fair amount, once you get past Matt Hedges at UNC, the center backs in the draft are kind of a crap shoot. Maund fits the bill for FCD draft targets as a four year starter and team captain. ND head coach Bobby Clark has been around college soccer since the mid '80s and is someone whose opinion Schellas would certainly trust so that certainly raises the odds of him getting picked. A lot could depend on the superdraft, but Maund is absolutely someone that Dallas has to have on their draft board if they decide to go for a center back.

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