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FC Dallas loans Jackson to Brazilian side Cruzeiro

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Jackson Goncalves is no longer with FC Dallas, or at least for this season he is. FC Dallas announced today that they have loaned Jackson to Brazilian first division side Cruzeiro.

"Jackson needed to spend some time at home in Brazil for personal reasons," said FC Dallas President and CEO Doug Quinn. "We recognized this and found an opportunity we think will be mutually beneficial."

"Jackson is going to be playing with a very good team in an excellent league, which will help him improve as a player," said FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman. "This loan will also give him the chance to spend the time he needs close to his home."

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Interesting comments from Hyndman and Quinn about the loan. We know at times last year that Jackson would be a tad home sick or that his head wasn't entirely in the game.

One thing this does tell us is that the deal with Jackson and FC Dallas is that FCD must own enough or all of his rights to be able to loan him out like this. He had been in Dallas on loan from Sao Paulo. There had been some reports and whispers that the club had been quietly buying parts of his player rights since that loan took place. My money is that at some point the bought all of his rights from Sao Paulo.

Will Jackson be back in 2013? Time will tell. We do know that the right wing spot is still very thing to this day.