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Some Clarification On The Panamanian Targets

A new interview with Tauro FC director Carlos Martans was posted on the great Panamanian sports outlet Diario Pro last night and Martans talked a little more about the potential moves of Luis "Lucho" Moreno and Carlos Rodriguez to FC Dallas.

DP: You also talk a lot about Carlos Rodriguez and Luis Moreno who are alleged in the MLS, what we can mention these two?

CM: Well they are with a 80% chance to leave, but not yet closed.The contract is closed when they send the money and signed the papers, and how that has not happened yet, you can not say that we are players of FC Dallas, both players still Taurus.

I asked my new friend who conducted the interview, Panamanian journalist David Sakata, to clarify the response and he said he thinks the ball is pretty much in Dallas' court. The fee has been agreed but the money has not been sent yet so the transfer has not gone through.

He and I are both skeptical that Luis Moreno will be coming to Dallas as another high-dollar center back is probably not a realistic target. However, Rodriguez, an outside back who gets forward well and can play on either side, is a likely signing for Dallas. The season starts in Panama on Friday so by then we should know more.