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2012 MLS Supplemental Draft Takes Place Today

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Arthur Ivo(Pablo Serna)
Arthur Ivo(Pablo Serna)

The MLS Supplemental Draft takes place today via conference call at 1pm and FC Dallas has the #11 pick in the first, third and fourth rounds. While this is a fairly insignificant event, Dallas did get Eric Alexander late in the 2010 draft and there always seems to be a gem or two from each of the late rounds.

The obvious choice at #11 would be SMU attacking midfielder Arthur Ivo, a guy I've gushed about on this blog before. Ivo could potentially replace Ricardo Villar at backup attacking midfielder. Another guy I wouldn't mind Dallas taking, if available, would be Luke Holmes from Akron. The englishman was extremely impressive in the game I saw him play against SMU. He's a winger that can play on either side and has the motor/drive to be successful in MLS.

Soccer By Ives and Scott French both have a list compiling some of the talent available in the Supplemental Draft.