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George John Loaned To West Ham

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It is finally official. George John is headed to England on loan with West Ham United for two months. Both clubs announced the deal this morning.

West Ham will have the option to complete a full transfer for John.

"This is an opportunity for George to raise his play to another level," said head coach Schellas Hyndman. "He has the opportunity to spend time with a club rich in tradition, playing in one of the top leagues as they work to earn a promotion back to the Premiership. I have no doubt we will see an even better center back at the end of this period."

One has to wonder about how this "test-drive" will go for John at West Ham. The option to buy on a full transfer is an intriguing part of this deal. If things go well over the next two months the Washington native could be headed back to England in the summer on the transfer, or even land somewhere else too.

Obviously yesterday's draft showed FC Dallas was at least willing to get a player in line to take over for John. Drafting Matt Hedges was a smart move that was much better than the desperate trade to bring in Jeremy Hall.

So a two-month deal that brings John back around March 5. What do you all think about this loan deal?