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2012 MLS Superdraft Pre-Draft Chatter

2012 superdraft
2012 superdraft

The first big moment of the 2012 season is here as the MLS Superdraft will take place just hours from now starting at 11AM on ESPN2. FC Dallas picks #11 overall and while opinions vary on what type of player Dallas will pick, the consensus seems to be a defender or wide midfielder.

I can't remind you enough that everything a coach says at this time of year is probably bogus, but Schellas has said in multiple places that the club is looking defense first.

"If it came down to getting the best forward or the best defender from the draft, we’d probably want the best defender," Hyndman said.


"I think right now, it’ll probably be in the defense," coach Schellas Hyndman said. "It also could be a flank midfielder."

One scenario that is probably off the table sees Dallas trading up into the top six, where players taken are talented enough to make an instant impact.

It was a huge discussion three, four weeks ago," Hyndman said. "Within the last seven days, the discussion has gone to we’re probably not going to do it. A big part of it is we still think we’ll get a good player on the 11th pick."


Does Dallas go for a winger with Jackson gone, defender with George John likely out the door? Could they try to get an extra pick or two in the second round?

My best bet is Dallas takes one of Sam Garza, Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Matt Hedges, Aaron Maund, Ethan Finlay or Austin Berry. I also wouldn't be surprised at all to see Dallas make some moves, either grabbing a second round pick or even a blockbuster deal.

While it's pretty much impossible to know exactly what Schellas Hyndman and company have in store, there promises to be high drama in Kansas City Thursday afternoon.

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Austin Berry (DF)

Louisville [UNCHANGED]

Schellas Hyndman takes the best athlete available among the central defender corps. As Zach Loyd showed, athleticism makes the transition to MLS that much easier.

Schellas Hyndman's draft record in the past is pretty good

Kyle McCarthy's big board has the top 20 players for selection

18. Sam Garza, UC Santa Barbara forward (Generation adidas): This is about the time in the draft where any team would be thrilled to pick up a player who would not count against the salary budget.

Ives Galarcep has a top 50 big board worth checking out

And finally, Ives has Dallas taking Austin Berry

With George John looking less and less likely to be sticking around Dallas much longer, Schellas Hyndman will want to add a center-back who can provide some cover and eventually be a starter. Andrew Jean-Baptiste is an appealing option because he’s young and a Generation adidas player, but Berry’s maturity and experience give him the edge.

If you're Schellas Hyndman, where do you go today?