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Deal for Panama defenders Moreno & Rodriguez Close

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Today a new article from Panama was linked in the MLS Kickoff suggesting that a deal for Tauro FC defenders Luis "Lucho" Moreno and Carlos Rodriguez is on the brink of finalization. The director of Tauro FC, Carlos Martans, had this to say(translated):

"Everything remains the same, the contract gives Dallas for granted, however, some small details need to be defined," he said."Throughout this week, everything will be solved and it is more likely to reach an agreement satisfactory to both parties," he said.

For those wondering about international spots and how this would affect things, you are allowed 8 spots which are currently being taken up by: Ferreira, Castillo, Benitez, Jackson, Pertuz, Perez, Villar and Cruz. Now Villar and Cruz are certainly not locks for the 2012 squad, but the signing of two more internationals would certainly be a bit of a strange one.

Purely speculation, but I would imagine the Lucho Moreno deal is one that would be more of a sure thing while Carlos Rodriguez's trip to Dallas would be more of a trial. You also wonder if Dallas is really going to sign two more defenders when the coach says they're targeting a defender in the draft.

Whatever the case is, we should know a lot more this weekend and early next week once the draft craziness is over giving Hyndman and company time to get to Frisco and hash this deal out.