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Schellas Hyndman 9/7 Presser Part Two

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Here's the rest of Schellas' 15 minute chat with the media. At the end are a few more thoughts on Bobby Rhine's passing. 

With New England coming up this weekend, what are your thoughts on them?

New England is a team that's really having difficulties this year...11 losses is a lot of losses, 11 ties is not getting it done. As I said to those players, 11 ties could be 5 wins so you add those 5 wins and all of a sudden they're a good team. So I think they're still a good team, they'll have a purpose, one of the weaker teams in the league in the standings their purpose is they don't want to end up there.

I think they've got 7 or 8 games left, they want to finish on a good note, their coach wants to finish on a good note because he's going to be evaluated. The players want to finish on a good note because they're going to be evaluated...I don't think any team is out of the playoffs yet, if they've got 7 games left and can win all 7 they're right back into it but they're running out of time...for us, we're going to have to turn it back on and have a good performance with only 7 games left

With the Tigres game last week we saw a lot of youngsters that don't get a lot of time, how are you feeling about their progression?

I thought they had a good performance, every one of my young players had a good performance. I was really impressed that the environment didn't take them out things even though it was a home game it was very pro-Tigres.

I thought the ones who were still on the field that took the penalty kicks, Ruben, Top, even Jeremy Hall to step up and take those penalty kicks I thought was outstanding. How is their progress? They need more of these type of games.

I think the reserve league is very good, but it's classified as a reserve league. You're not playing in the stadium on the field. So now that Tigres game brought all the elements of an important game. 

And knock on wood but if you progress early you can get a look at those guys more. 

We do have some great opportunities if we can put ourselves in a position that we can have a spot for the next phase of Champions League then this would be a good time to not only rest players but to give these younger players or players who don't get a lot of time an important game. 

How many points do you think you need to get through? 9? 10? 

I think maybe 10 but what were aiming for is 12. Pumas loses to us at home, Pumas ties in Panama, at some point in time their coach is going to say "if we want to do anything, we'd better win" and bring some of those first team guys and that could be here when they come to Dallas which were ok with if we can get through our next game[Wednesday vs Tauro] and have 9 points.

We can struggle a little bit...but we've still got other games. Right now the thing that I reiterated to our team is that we're such a good team because were one of the few teams in the league that will play the same soccer at home and on the road. That's been the success of this team this year that we've been able to get points and wins on the road. 

Why do you think it is that more MLS teams don't go for wins on the road?

I think they probably have more of a tactical plan. Maybe their tactical plan is focus for a point on the road and if we can steal a game fantastic but let's make sure we get a point on the road. We go into a game saying let's take three points and we'll settle for a point on the road but let's go for three points.

I think what it does is keeps the players very focused on "hey were going to win this game" not focused on a tie but let's win this game. I think you saw that against Kansas City, we went out trying to win that game, that's why it was a back and forth game in the first half and it wasn't really a good game but it was a back and forth game that we found a way to come back at the end. 

To revisit the question why do more teams not go for wins on the road?

I think they're looking at more of the European model. A point on the road in a difficult environment...let's just focus on if we've got 15 games on the road lets get 15 points and maybe we'll get a couple of wins....Maybe it will change in time and I think they're looking at this as more of a marathon and not a sprint while I'm looking at every game as a sprint. 

When thinking about what you have left in the tank at the end of the season, you feel like this team can keep up that sprint pace for the whole season?

I think they've done a hell of a job the last two months. The travel caught us all by the throat just how much traveling...we lost to Seattle in the Open Cup game but it wasn't that we were tired sure we didn't have life in our legs but even in the last minute we had two chances to tie.

In Kansas City, the field was very awkward with a sellout crowd but if we weren't fit and ready to go then how do you explain coming back to score three goals. So I think it does wear the boys out but I think our depth is getting better and our quality of soccer is getting better. 

Finally some thoughts on Bobby Rhine's passing

What I said to the team, I got a call Monday night and of course I was shocked and I knew the players were shocked but I was asked to keep it quiet for the sake of the family which we did. When I got here in the morning, like all things in life people are already talking and I knew the guys were already talking so I felt like it was something I should at least address because sometimes something like this you don't know but once it's in front of you, you can at least address it.

It's interesting because Bobby was born on the same day as my daughter, April 18, and I brought up on this day this man was born in St. Louis, Missouri and went on to have a great career with Scott Gallagher[St. Louis youth club], UCONN, was drafted by Dallas Burn, had a wonderful career and was one of the two most known faces of this organization, Oscar Pareja and Bobby Rhine and now I have to share with you the truth that he has passed away.

We're all shocked, we're all stunned and our hearts go out to his family. Everyone of us know him well, he played for me, he's a teammate with some of the guys, the media attention with his telecasts which I thought he was putting himself into being one of the best in the country. I think we're all just shocked, it's probably the most difficult training session that we've had because there's nothing any worse obviously than a death. I opened it up by saying as a coach one of the hardest things we do is waive players, trade players, it's very hard to do but now I've encountered a new one to tell you we've lost a person.

Everyone felt terrible, Doug Quinn and Dan Hunt came out to the practice at the end and addressed the team. From what Doug said, we've received permission from the league to wear black armbands which we will and to dedicate the rest of this season and hopefully championships to the memory of Bobby Rhine.