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Remembering Bobby Rhine

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Bobby Rhine
Bobby Rhine

There's a lot of posts out there to remember Bobby that are extremely well written and touching. I will link to as many of them as I can find tomorrow. 

I don't really know what to write. Generally I'm never at a loss for words, but I've never had to deal with something like this before. Excuse my rambling, selfish post. 

BR19 as a player was exactly what you would want in a fan favorite. He never gave an inch on the field, taking on guys that were bigger than him and coming out the other side. At one point or another in his career his primary role on the field was to score goals, create goals and stop goals. There wasn't one particular thing Bobby was stellar at, it's just that he would try much harder than you would because he had to. It wasn't until after his on-field career ended, however, that we really got to see the Bobby Rhine that was so great. 

While it wasn't bad watching Rhine in practice, I have to say I much preferred chatting with him rather than watching him play. Whenever I could make it out there, I always hoped Bobby would come out of the office because I loved telling him what was up with my life. Sure, we would talk about the team, but I really was more excited to tell him about the progress of my upcoming marriage(my wife is a founding member of the original Bobby Rhine fan club known as "The Posse") or whatever what going on with my budding career. He was someone I wanted to make proud. 

Selfishly, it pains me deeply to not be able to see Bobby rise to the top of the American soccer broadcasting peak waiving the flag of FC Dallas like I know he was destined to do and it pains me deeply to not have Bobby see where I take my career and my family though I know he will be watching from heaven. I hurt for his wife Bevan who has always been so genuine to Amy and I hurt for his sons who will be forced to watch dad play soccer in old videos rather than trying to score on him in the back yard. 

It makes me so sad that I won't be able to raise a beer with him after Dallas finally gets that first championship. 

Bobby Rhine truly was Mr. FC Dallas and his loss is one that cuts deep into anyone with a vested interest in this team. I don't think I'm close to fully comprehending that I will never see him again after a game. 

He will be missed dearly.  

An impromptu memorial has been set up in front of his poster on the southwest corner of Pizza Hut Park. It will be there for days and is lit up at night. If you can at all make it out there, please stop by.