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FCD vs Tigres Lineup, Stats and Quote Sheet

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Thanks to FC Dallas as always for this

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

General thoughts on the game…

"It was a good performance by both teams. The first half they really took the game to us. They were breaking us down in the midfield and they were giving a lot of penetrating passes on the flanks that caused us some problems. In the second half, we decided that what we needed to do was go into a 4-4-2, and you saw the quick goal that was scored by Jackson.

Sometimes teams get a little casual when there is only one striker and when you have two strikers, the mindset still plays it a little casual. Jackson read it very well, picked up a ball, went in and scored to give us a 2-1 lead. We wanted to continue to play our younger players, who I thought did a very good job for us tonight."

Thoughts about the penalty kicks…

"It was a good game. I am very, very pleased to come away with a 2-1 victory. I was extremely pleased to see how well we took the penalty kicks. It is not something we do a lot of and we had quite a few young players take them tonight. You can imagine the pressure and they did extremely well for themselves and for FC Dallas."

FC Dallas defender George John

On wearing the captain's armband…

"It's a huge honor.  It's obviously the first time I have ever worn the armband with FC Dallas. Coach came up to me and it felt real good, showing the confidence he has in me. He felt I could get the win with the armband as well."

On how the team played…

"It was good that we won, no matter how you win, it doesn't matter. I wouldn't say it was the prettiest by any means, but we came out victorious."

On playing with younger guys…

"They did great, being thrown into the fire against a top Mexican side. Obviously it's been a while since some of them have had the full 90, but I thought they did great."

FC Dallas Home Grown player Victor Ulloa…

On starting the match…

"I found out that I was going to start at right back, and I was excited. The night before I prepared right, made sure I was eating right, got a good night’s sleep, and I was here earlier than we were supposed to be just to get ready."

On moving into the midfield after Bruno Guarda was taken off with an injury…

"I felt more comfortable coming into the middle. Unfortunately Bruno had to come out. I felt better playing in the middle, because that's naturally where I play."

On the environment…

"I am not a Tigres fan, but it was a good environment - all those fans screaming and yelling for them. We were supposed to be at home, but we were away today."

FC Dallas goalkeeper Chris Seitz

On his kick save…

"It was one of those plays where he got through and the guy coming down the middle didn't have much of an angle. So I tried to play big on the first one and he played a good ball to the near post. It's one of those things where you kind of drag your back foot in case he decides to go that direction, and he hit it to a good area for me to get there."

FC Dallas defender Jeremy Hall

On taking the game winning penalty kick…

"Everybody hit the target very well for us. Fortunately, someone missed before my shot, so I was the hero I guess. Everybody had great kicks. There would have been a little more pressure if they had made it, and it would have been a situation where I had to make it.  We practiced them before the match against Seattle in the [Lamar Hunt U.S.] Open Cup just in case we had to go to PKs. Everybody looked confident.

Attendance: 9,219

Scoring Summary:
TIG – Lucas Lobos 37
DAL – Ruben Luna (Bryan Leyva) 44
DAL – Jackson 46

Misconduct Summary:
Lampros Kontogiannis (caution; reckless tackle) 83

FC Dallas – Chris Seitz, Victor Ulloa (Jack Stewart 77), Moises Hernandez (Jeremy Hall 64), George John, Andrew Jacobson, Bryan Leyva (Maykel Galindo 69), Bobby Warshaw, Andrew Wiedeman (Jon Top 73), Daniel Cruz (Jackson Goncalves 46), Bruno Guarda (Zach Loyd 21), Ruben Luna.

Substitutes Not Used: Josh Lambo, Richard Sanchez.

Tigres UNAL – Aaron Fernandez, Israel Jimenez (Fernando Navarro 45), Lampros Kontogiannis, Jorge Valencia (Abraham Stringel 66), Jonathan Bornstein (Jorge Espericueta 61), Jesus Duenas, Manuel Viniegra, Lucas Lobos (Alberto Acosta 45), Damian Alvarez (Eder Borelli 45), Danilo Veron (Francisco Acuna 45), Alan Pulido.

Subs Not Used: Enrique Palos


Referee: Jorge Luna
Referee’s Assistants: Jonathan Johnson, KevinTerry Jr.
4th Official: Hayden Edwards
Weather: Fair, 93 degrees

Penalty Kicks:

Tigres: (Alan Pulido - goal, Alberto Acosta - goal, Jorge Valencia - goal, Fernando Navarro - goal, Manuel Viniegia – goal, Fernando Acuna – miss)

FC Dallas: (Jackson - goal, Maykel Galindo - goal, Ruben Luna - goal, Jonathan Top - goal, Zach Loyd - goal, Jeremy Hall - goal)

Statistics                           DAL                     TIG
Goal Attempts                  8                            12
Saves                                 1                            1
Fouls                                 7                            6
Corners                              4                            10
Offside                              2                            2