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Tauro FC Pounds FC Dallas 5-3 in Concacaf Champions League

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This is rock bottom. FC Dallas surrendered 5 goals to winless Tauro FC including 3 in the last 15 minutes to slump to possibly the worst loss of the season. Tauro had scored 2 goals in their first 4 Champions League games, but managed 3 in the last 15 minutes. Dallas melted down in the second half with Jair Benitez and Fabian Castillo earning silly red cards.

At least Ruben Luna had his breakout game scoring two goals, earning a penalty and a red card to a Tauro player. Very good game from the youngster. I got nothing else.

Things can't really get any lower than this right now. Dallas needs a win or draw(plus Tauro not winning in Mexico City) to advance to a knockout stage next season(mercifully). 

More tomorrow...