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Skid Continues, FC Dallas Loses Cannon and Game to Houston Dynamo

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FRISCO, TX - SEPTEMBER 24:  Marvin Chavez #18 of the FC Dallas takes a shot against Tally Hall #1 of the Houston Dynamo at Pizza Hut Park on September 24, 2011 in Frisco, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
FRISCO, TX - SEPTEMBER 24: Marvin Chavez #18 of the FC Dallas takes a shot against Tally Hall #1 of the Houston Dynamo at Pizza Hut Park on September 24, 2011 in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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On a beautiful, slightly warm Saturday afternoon, the Houston Dynamo handed FC Dallas their third straight shutout loss, scoring a late Geoff Cameron goal to defeat Dallas 1-0. In an incredibly unlucky result for Dallas, the post/crossbar was hit three times as well as a goal inexplicably called back for a foul on an untouched Tally Hall. An all around frustrating night that heaped more pressure on FC Dallas as they spiral towards playoff irrelevance. I had to wait until tonight to post on this one, I could barely think straight earlier

Thoughts on a frustrating day

Snakebit There's no other way to describe this team right now. Post after post, goals called back wrongly for offside and fouls in 2 of the last 3 games, penalties not called, it's just not happening for Dallas right now. It's tough to even criticize when stuff like this happens, however...

No excuses Above all else, you protect your own house and today was Dallas' 5th loss at home this year. Believe it or not, only one team, Chivas USA, has lost more home games this year. For a team that needs every big crowd they can get, it's incredibly disappointing to lose three straight league home games at 1-0, the worst way to lose. 

If today's game was a one-off in the middle of a decent run, you could easily chalk it up to just a bad day at the office. However, laying an egg in front of your home fans 5 games in a row going back to the Seattle game is unacceptable. 4 home games in the last two weeks, 1 goal, 1 point. Houston hadn't won a road game this season, New York hadn't won a game in 2 months, Tauro is an inferior team. The team deserved to be booed after the game today, 5 consecutive poor performances at home and losing the cannon to a team that hasn't won on the road this season is unacceptable. 

What can be done? It's too late to change anything, you simply have to hope the luck turns around and that once one goal gets in, the flood gates will open. I keep telling everyone that the last three games of the season are the ones to worry about with getting this team on track. As long as the team doesn't lose to Colorado, the 4th seed is pretty much locked up, fortunes can change very fast in this league. 

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Jackson was in beastmode  I don't know what got into Jackson, but I thought he was offensively fantastic today and should've had a goal or two. Sometimes he drifts in and out of games so it was nice to see him do some good things today. That slalom run on the shot that hit the post in the second half was unreal and he nearly combined with Brek in the first half for a goal of the season candidate. 

What's next? FCD heads to Panama on Wednesday for a game that will clinch passage in the CCL with a win, then it's on to Colorado for a pretty important game before another 10 days off. I'm about as frustrated as it gets with this team right now, but I'm holding off pessimism for playoffs until I see how the team plays at Chicago on Wednesday, October 12. The back four is the same as it always was, Hernandez and Jacobson are still there in the midfield. Had Dallas finished any of the myriad of early chances they've had in these last few games, things would be very different.

FC Dallas has shown with an 11-1-2 record when scoring the first goal that they're the best front-runners in the league. They just need to get that first goal to go in and not hit the post or get called back by a phantom call. As Schellas said today, sometimes the ball bounces right for you once, sometimes it happens multiple times, while sometimes the ball bounces bad for you and right now it's happening multiple times. 

Quote Sheet


FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

General thoughts on the game…
It was a wide open game. Both teams had great scoring chances. When you are playing a wide open game, you’re playing a lot of attack, but then all of a sudden you are forced to defend. Both teams had numerous opportunities [to score]. If it was not for the lack of goals it would have been a great game for the spectators. Both teams put everything on the line. It was a very important game, not so much for the Texas rivalry, more importantly for points and playoff position.”


What did you say to the team in the locker room after the game?
The one word I could use with them was disappointing. Everyone was disappointed. But I was proud of the effort and how hard they worked and how focused they were to try and get the result they wanted.”

On Maicon Santos coming out at halftime…
“It seems that we need a little more in that position. He was working hard. He had a couple good opportunities, but then he took a knock to that ankle and it seemed like a good opportunity for us to make a change.”

On hitting the post three times…
Sometimes the ball bounces right for you. Sometimes a whole bunch bounces right for you. Sometimes they bounce poorly for you. Sometimes a whole bunch bounces poorly for you. The last stretch of games we have had, a whole bunch has not bounced right for us. The ball was bouncing right for us earlier in the year. Sometimes you get a call in a game that changes the whole game. Sometimes you don’t get that call, your opponents do. As long as we are getting the effort from the players, as long as they work hard – the thing that I need to monitor is keeping the team’s spirits and confidence up.

FC Dallas midfielder Ricardo Villar

On not being able to finish scoring chances…
“It’s the same thing we have been talking about for the last three games. It is just weird to me. The ball will not go in. We hit the post three times. I had my own chances and couldn’t finish. It has got to turn around for us eventually. It’s obviously frustrating, but we got to keep going and doing what we’re doing and not think about it.”

FC Dallas midfielder Andrew Jacobson
It’s just part of the game. When the game goes like that there are two ways to go about it. You can sulk and get down, but for me it’s too late for that. We’ve got another game Wednesday. We created the opportunities. We’re just not putting them away. We’ve got to put it away and move on to the next one because we’re doing everything right. It is just not going in the back of the net for us.

On the team’s confidence…
“We have a good core of guys who have enough experience – the confidence is going to be there. It’s not like people are playing poorly. It’s just the act of putting it in the back of the net. That’s the hardest thing to do.