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5 Reasons to Attend FC Dallas vs Tigres

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Tomorrow night at 7:30, FC Dallas takes on Tigres in the second leg of the Rio Grande Plate with FCD trailing 2-1 after the first leg. It's a pretty unheralded friendly considering college football is back with the likes of Texas, Oklahoma and others playing Saturday night but I'm here to tell you, there are plenty of reasons to go watch the team on Saturday night in Frisco. 

Lucas Lobos

The case can be made that he is the best attacking midfielder this side of the Panama Canal. The Argentine midfielder just won what is basically the Mexican league MVP award and my friend at work from Monterrey tells me he traveled with Tigres to Frisco. All you have to do is spend 10 minutes on Youtube to see what this guy is capable. of. Worth the price of admission alone...

Jonathan Bornstein

The American left back/left mid will be here tomorrow night and this gives you a chance to either cheer for an American that doesn't play here anymore or boo the guy who has been straight awful for the national team. 

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See the homegrowns

Tomorrow night will be a golden chance to see guys like Moises Hernandez, Bryan Leyva, Victor Ulloa and Ruben Luna show what they can do in front of the home crowd. I've been telling you about these guys exploits in practice, go see for yourself on Saturday night. I guarantee you Leyva will do something that makes your jaw drop. 

Andrew Wiedeman

I keep clamoring for this guy to get more playing time and I think he'll certainly be one to watch tomorrow night. He scored a ridiculous goal in the first leg at Tigres and definitely has something to prove as a guy who could see some playing time in the upcoming Champions League games. 

Enjoy the heat

Are you some masochist who loves sweating your face off in 100 degree weather? Tomorrow night will probably be your last chance as temperatures are supposed to drop into the low 90's and high 80's(!) next week with the hundred degree stuff likely leaving us for the year. Go experience "The Oven" one more time!

Bonus Reason! 

Rio Grande Plate

We must protect this house! The Rio Grande Plate is on the line!! FCD must overturn the first leg 2-1 deficit.