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Thoughts on Saturday's game and More

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My thoughts from last night's game:

-Regarding Maicon Santos There's a ton of hate for this guy right now and I just don't understand it. He missed some chances last night, there's no doubt about that, however there is no one else on the team even making chances. The #9 forward in the Dallas 4-1-4-1 system has a few different jobs, they must be able to hold the ball up, pressure the defenders, create havoc in the middle of the defense and finish their chances. 

Maicon is doing 3 of those 4 things well right now but he's struggling to finish without Marvin Chavez and Brek Shea on the field with him. Santos has two goals and an assist in the four games he's played with those two on the field while his production has been nil without them. His finishing has been very poor in the last two games, however MLS forwards run hot and they run cold, those that run hot consistently don't stay in the league for very long. Santos is far from the problem right now, in my opinion. Worry about the forwards that don't get into position to get chances not the ones who are getting on the end of the chances but failing to finish them.

Villar poor again From the eyeball test, I thought he turned the ball over an immense amount of times last night and the Opta stats confirm it. Villar led the team in unsuccessful passes(23) and the amount of times he was tackled and lost possession(21). It's got to be tough on the guy as he's playing out of position on the left for Shea, but right now he's just running out of gas it seems. 

No speed  A staple of Dallas, when playing well, is speed and right now they've got almost no one on the field with decent wheels. When you think about the speed of Villar, Cruz and Jackson compared with Chavez, Shea and Ferreira, it's easy to see what some of the problem is with Dallas losing to inferior teams. The offensive dynamic changed completely when the speed of Fabian Castillo came into the game...speaking of...

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Castillo back with a bang Fabian Castillo showed no ill effects of his nagging injury last night, twisting and turning defenders while nearly putting the ball in the net on multiple occasions. You've got to think he's done enough to earn a start on the left wing against Houston next week. 

The captain needs to kick some ass Captain Hernandez needs to let the guys know that losing two home league games in a row 1-0 is unacceptable. Hernandez is the one, in the end, who is held responsible as the captain and he is the guy that needs to knock some sense into the guys not pulling their weight right now.

Schellas partly responsible I trust in Schellas, but a lot of us were calling for rotating in some reserves earlier in July and August because the exact thing we're seeing right now. I firmly believe that guys like Bobby Warshaw, Andrew Wiedeman, Ruben Luna and such are more than capable of slotting in. Sometimes an infusion of young guys off the bench can energize a squad and the players have proved themselves against Tigres. 

There is reason to remain optimistic I've scoured the Opta chalkboard stats to compare them  with the last couple of weeks to try and find any trends that would suggest something is wrong. To be honest, I can't find much of anything to suggest Dallas has changed the way it's always played.

I think the problem right now is mostly mental and personnel. Marvin Chavez and Brek Shea change the dynamics of the Dallas attack completely. Fabian Castillo was fantastic in his short time and will only get better as we head towards the playoffs. Dallas only won 4 of the last 12 regular season games last year. 

Just remember...Fire, Whitecaps, Earthquakes to close the season. Secure 4th place, get everyone healthy and take out the Eastern Conference in the playoffs.