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Update: FC Dallas Player Salaries

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The Major League Soccer Player's Union have released the final salary figures for the 2011 season. These figured include all newcomers to the league from the close of the recent transfer window.

FC Dallas only made a couple moves in the window but each are fairly interesting to look at. Of the four moves made this summer only one player makes (in total) below $100k. 

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Below are the figures for each newcomer:

Daniel Cruz, $90k base; $106k total - In a way the jury is still out a bit on Cruz and what he will bring to FC Dallas. It will be more interesting to see if he stays with the club into next season and if so how much more he will make then. 

Jeremy Hall, $80k base; $129k total - Hall's figures are still pretty much the same that he has been making since he entered the league back in 2009 as a member of Generation adidas. I doubt his compensation will go too much higher than this into next year. Next year should be the final year on his current contract (typically players sign for four years when they come via Generation adidas like Hall did), so he could be interesting trade bait next spring. 

Maicon Santos, $126k base/total - In a way he's been worth every penny for Dallas since coming over in the trade for Eric Avila. The salary in that deal was fairly even and the production has been pretty solid. My bet is he will see a raise next season.

Jack Stewart, $42k base/total - Hard to believe it but he makes the same figure that George John does, the league minimum. He's on loan right now and I'd imagine he'll be back in the NASL next season.