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Freddy's Field Groundbreaking Takes Place Tonight

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Today is a huge day for those involved in the Freddy Fund project as tonight is the groundbreaking for Freddy's Field. All are invited and the event takes place at Maple Lawn Elementary School where the field is set to be built. 

Unfortunately I can't make it to this great event, but if you can make it out there it should be an awesome and emotional time. Once this field is built, it should be a mecca for the street soccer players in the DFW area(and there are a lot of them). 

DALLAS, Texas (August 23, 2011) – Freddy Fund is proud to announce that construction is set to begin on Federico "Freddy" Garcia Jr. Field Thursday, September 1, with a target completion date of Saturday, October 15. After more than a year of fundraising, culminating in $150,000 in donations, Freddy’s Field is set to become reality with a groundbreaking ceremony at 7 p.m. on Sept. 1. Fans and supporters are encouraged to join the celebration as Freddy Fund will provide food and beverages while previewing the one-of-a-kind soccer field in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Freddy’s Field Groundbreaking Ceremony 
When: Thursday, September 1, 2011 
Time: 7 p.m. CST 
Where: Maple Lawn Elementary School 
3120 Inwood Road 
Dallas, TX 75235

For full information on the Freddy Fund, keep reading

Although construction is set to begin and funds have been raised to build the field, Freddy Fund is still accepting donations to provide amenities for the field such as trees, bleachers/benches and shade structures, estimated at an additional $25,000.

One and a half years of effort put into the Freddy Fund has been shared throughout the Dallas and National soccer communities. A true memorial to the Dallas native and community soccer star, Freddy’s Field will provide a safe playing environment for children of the neighborhood where Freddy was born and raised while facilitating healthy, active lifestyles through the sport Freddy loved so much.

"I cannot believe this day is finally coming," exclaimed Freddy Fund Project Manager Matt Moran. "We have raised money during the hardest economic climate which is a testament to the impact Freddy made on so many lives. We are still hoping to raise money to add other amenities, but regardless, I am excited that this vision is coming to reality and that the effort of so many will be rewarded with this memorial to Freddy."

To learn more about the Freddy Fund, visit, or contact Matt Moran at or 214-868-7622.


About the Freddy Fund – The mission of the Freddy Fund is to honor the life of the late Federico "Freddy" Garcia by building a community-based, memorial soccer field in the Dallas neighborhood where he was born and raised. Federico "Freddy" Garcia Jr. Field will allow opportunities for future Dallas generations to share in the same game that helped shape the extraordinary character of an amazing young man, while providing a safe playing environment and promoting healthy, active lifestyles for children in the Maple Lawn Community.