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Who wants a free t-shirt?

I don't think it's unfair to say that the FC Dallas merchandise selection is guilty of being a shall we say it...un-creative at times. A lot of this blame falls to the red tape it takes to go through adidas to get something done, but Dallas Cow Shirts is creating some pretty neat FCD shirts and they're giving one to a loyal Big D Soccer reader. 

How do you win said t-shirt? Well we're going to run a little prediction game. Just leave a comment below predicting what you think the score of the FC Dallas at Philadelphia Union game will be this weekend. If there is a draw, I will randomly select from the winners. I need winner and score of the game....if no one gets it, the winner will be randomly chosen from those who predicted the outcome correctly.

So head over to the Dallas Cow Shirts website, pick out your favorite shirt and leave a prediction here!