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More on Last Night's Champions League Win

A few extra notes on last night's game and a few thoughts

-Record-setting defense Dallas became the first team from the United States to post shutouts in their first two CCL games. The fact that Dallas was able to keep Alianza off the board shouldn't come as a huge surprise, but they did make history last night. 

-Upcoming Schedule Champions League Group Stage starts just two weeks from yesterday as Dallas gets their toughest game of the group stage out of the way first at UNAM Pumas in Mexico City. Then the next Wednesday they will travel to Toronto FC before hosting their first group game September 13-15 likely against Tauro FC of Panama. 

You've got to say this is a very favorable schedule for Dallas as, hopefully, the heat will have died down by mid-September and Dallas will have to travel just once for Champions League after late August...bottom line is this month is just as brutal for FCD as July was, but after that things settle down drastically as far as the crazy travel goes. 

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Luna's Struggles You really see the struggles a young player goes through watching Ruben Luna out on the pitch. It seems as if he's almost got Kenny Cooper syndrome out there trying to be something he's not and creating chances on his own rather than just poaching on goal. Receiving the ball at the top of the box and trying to beat a defender is not Ruben's game, but he can't help himself right now because he wants to get that goal so bad. He'll figure it out, he just needs one to go in the net. 

About the attack Fabian Castillo will be back soon, David Ferreira is 6 weeks away and Maicon Santos will be available this weekend. There is cavalry coming for these guys, don't worry. 

Player announcement Stay tuned for a player announcement coming today. I would imagine it will happen before the team leaves for Los Angeles later today. Could it be Costa Rican defender Derrick Johnson, mystery signing or homegrown? The bottom line is defensive depth is the only major need left on FCD so expect and hope for a defender because the back four are going to collapse soon if they don't get some help.